The Bible is true

The Bible is true because the Bible says the Bible is true

The Bible is true because the Bible says the Bible is true

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  1. Since I am a recovering legal assistant, I apparently haven’t fully recovered because that logic makes perfect sense to me.

    But then, you’re god, and you knew that. I heart you, God!


  2. This comic, which could be considered humourous if it wasn’t dealing with such a serious subject matter, points out the folly of those who try to prove the existence or non-existence of the bible by logic. Spirituality is not a two-dimensional plane as depicted in the comic.


  3. Posted by Dave on August 29, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    Love it. So true.


  4. Posted by YHWH on September 5, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    The only truth,
    of absolute certainty,
    is that I am who I am;
    I am me.


  5. […] Cartoon von hier…) 10. Oktober 2009 […]


  6. This is hilarious! Sadly, many Christians completely miss the question-begging going on here, and actually think it’s a valid argument. I know that I did, when I was growing up in an evangelical church. But there is a proper, vlogical, non-fallacious way to argue that the Bible is true. It isn’t true because the Bible says so, but because Jesus said so. That may seem a fine distinction, but it’s a vital one to recognize. That is, the four gospels – when tested according to the very same, standard, empirical tests used to test all documents of Greco-Roman antiquity, prove to be reliable, primary source (eyewitness/close associate of eyewitness) evidence for the life of Jesus; in those documents, Jesus claimed to be nothing less than divine; Jesus validated his claim by his sinless life, miracles at will, and his forthcoming resurrection; because he proved his claim to divinity, whatever he says can be trusted, and he claimed that the Old Testament scriptures were true and infallible, and likewise put his stamp of approval on the forthcoming New Testament.

    So the argument that the Bible is true because it says so is certainly circular and invalid. But examining the historical case for the reliability of the documents – as one would for any other ancient document – leads to the valid conclusion that Jesus put his imprimatur on the Bible as trustworthy and true.


  7. As a piece of historical literature, the Bible is a love book with many fascinating stories. To look at it as anything else is to detract from it’s true value. It was put together, over centuries, by a number of committees who responded to political pressures and changing social influences when making their decisions.

    On another note – to assert that one who is logical can’t be spiritual (and vice-versa) is its own twisted logic.


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