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Security Guard


The news media isn’t reporting this yet, but the school in Newtown had a security guard. He saw the shooter enter the school and knew that he was carrying guns. Since the guard knew about the other shooting earlier in the day, he had a pretty good idea what was about to happen. He didn’t stop the gunman at the door, though it would have been easy for him to do so. The guard just let him walk right by and head toward the classroom. After hearing the first shots, the guard could have responded and halted this tragedy, but he didn’t. He sat and watched the feed from the security cameras. Though he was heavily armed and wearing a bulletproof vest, he didn’t lift a finger to save the lives of all those children. What should be done with someone who had an opportunity to stop this massacre, but refused to act? Should he be fired? Should he be jailed? Should he have to explain why? If you’re angry at the (fictional) guard I’ve described, then why would you praise a god who acted in the exact same way?